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Increase Pelvic Healing

Low level lasers, such as the class 3 one used in our clinic, have been shown in studies to help improve sperm and egg quality in studies in Japan and Scandinavia and increased fertility. They can help with blood flow, inflammation, and pain. The effects of red and near infrared light therapy are thought to come from the interaction with our cells’ mitochondria. This ‘photobiomodulation’ happens when the appropriate wavelengths of light, between 600nm and 850nm, are absorbed by a mitochondrion, and ultimately lead to better energy production and less inflammation in the cell.

We are now offering reiki abdominal massage with low level cold light laser

 for women needing pelvic healing and fertility help. 

Reiki abdominal massage includes gynovisceral manipulation (GVM) and is sometimes known as Mercier massage.  Low level cold laser is also known as red light therapy.

This program includes 6 sessions of  90-minutes each, which helps improve circulation and rejuvenates the uterus and ovaries.  This therapy has shown to improve the results of those doing fertility work.  This hands-on external treatment is especially helpful to those who are planning IVF. It could possibly help with other conditions including PCOS and endometriosis.

Sessions are done in person at our Campbell office over 1 week if visiting from

out-of-town, or weekly if local.

Please schedule a discovery call if interested.

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