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Provider's Contact List


Lotus Integrative Health and Nursing works in collaboration with several outstanding health and wellness providers. See below for a list of who we work with and recommend to patients:


Stefania Manetti, RD, CDE, Integrative Dietician, Exercise Specialist    408-341-6530


Tim Fortescue, D. Min., Spiritual and Life Coach  510-516-4505


Julia Jun, RMT, CHC, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Integrative Nutrition Practitioner  650-954-9564


Anna Marie Beauchemin, Clinical Herbalist


Jane Colacicco, Craniosacral Therapy     408-807-5581


Janet Yiu, DPT Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy San Jose

Karah Charette, PT, DPT, RYT Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Oakland


Melissa Wynn, Massage  408-608-7909


Sara Herman MD, Anesthesiology Ketamine Therapy and IV Therapy


Elizabeth Chang BSc, CLC,    Pretty Mama Breastfeeding LLC,  908-938-5320

Katerina Jones RN,      IVF Coordinator      Laurel Fertility Care 415-673-9199

Training and Exercise

Troy Lopez, Certified Personal Trainer    510-307-6849

Pam Faaland, Pilates Private Instruction

Jamila Sanfaz  Personal Trainer             408-628-9770



Deborah Johnson, DNP, PMH-NP-BC, LGTC Group (800) 913-2615


Anna Glazer, MD, Integrative Psychiatry



Margaret Li Aghaeepour, Psy. D., Ray Psychology Sex Therapist, Clinical Psychologist


Shabnam Jesgar, LPCC Infertility Therapist, (408) 827-8544


Jaclyn Long, MFT Founder & Director, Mindful Child & Family Therapy 650-297-3400 x2 


Alison Hunter, MFT Therapy, Equus Coaching


Rouse Relational Wellness group therapy, men’s mental health, fertility therapy 




Christina Minah Pak Well Being Dentistry (408) 244-0590

Vaginal Steaming Specialists in the Bay Area:

TrueSpirit Healing           Los Gatos/Santa Cruz Arts 


Jessica Kent Lipinski    Morgan Hill, CA


Adina Chaia                      Oakland, CA    

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