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Freeze Frame…..Reframe

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Reframe your thoughts during Covid

COVID has all of us in an emotional roller coaster! Here are some emotions and how to reframe those thoughts to prevent depression and anxiety.

Frame: I feel lonely!

Reframe: I’m physically alone and not as socially engaged, this is an opportunity to self-reflect and address areas in my life that I have neglected because I’ve been busy with family and friends. Spending time with myself is the perfect opportunity to meditate about what I really want in this life!

Frame: I’m bored!

Reframe: I now have some time to be creative. I can finally work on house projects, photos, music, and organizing. I’ve always wanted to write, create music, or paint. This is a great time to start being creative and discover hidden talents, never know where it may lead!

Frame: I’m sick of eating the same things, my favorite restaurants are closed!

Reframe: I never have time to cook because I work so much. Time to pull out cookbooks and create some healthy meals for myself. I can carry these skills into the future and take better care of my health.

Frame: I’m gaining weight, the COVID news has me stress eating!

Reframe: This is a great time to address healthy lifestyle, going for walks or exercise outdoors will help control my weight and give me the energy I need to get through this pandemic.

Frame: I can’t go to the gym!

Reframe: I was doing the same workout and I know that variety in exercise helps keep my body in better shape. Now is a great time to start new exercises and get outside and walk. Getting sunshine while exercising, helps Vitamin D levels which are linked to reduction in depression.

Frame: I’m stuck at home with the kids and partner (or whoever you are living with!) who are driving me crazy!

Reframe: This is a great opportunity to spend time with the people I care about the most and resolve any conflicts I’ve been avoiding. By spending time and talking with them, I can reestablish a better relationship moving forward.

I hope this exercise in reframing and gratitude, helps maintain some emotional balance so you can get through the holidays and this long COVID pandemic.

Any more frustrations and emotions to add? Chime in under comments with your reframing strategy. Stay healthy!

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