Balancing hormones is essential.  
We understand the whole woman to achieve true healing and vitality.

Specializing in women's health.
PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, fertility, menopause, depression/anxiety, menstrual issues, postpartum symptoms, fatigue, sexuality, and much more.....


At Lotus Integrative Health & Nursing, we are passionate about addressing your whole health: mind, body and spirit. We want to help you achieve your hormonal health goals so you can thrive and be the best you! We provide longer visits with caring, experienced, and knowledgeable health providers. We use the integrative and functional medicine model to look for the root cause and restore the body's hormonal balance using herbals and supplements. Along this process, we believe providing loving support, coaching, and care is essential to healing and achieving goals.

Our Founder

Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN

Dr. Milan RN has been an educator and women's health specialist and midwife for 24 years and a family nurse practitioner for 20 years. She has faced her own health challenges over the years and understands what women face at every stage of life: maiden, mother, and mature goddess! She has seen that the conventional medical system has failed women in achieving true healing and preventing disease. She is dedicated to helping women improve their health and vitality through a collaborative and integrative approach. She uses functional medicine knowledge, natural therapies, health coaching, mindfulness techniques, supplements, and herbal treatments to treat her patients, specializing in women's health: fertility, menopause, and sexuality. She firmly believes an integrative approach is the future of healthcare.  

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How We Can Help

Prevention and Wellness
Bioidentical Hormones
Chronic Disease
Stress and Insomnia 
Mood Changes 
Sexual Dysfunction

Prevention and Wellness
Pregnancy Preparation
Fertility Difficulty
Hormonal Imbalance
IVF Preparation
Hormonal Balance 
Sexual Dysfunction


Prevention and Wellness
Postpartum Care
Fertility and Pregnancy
Thyroid Maintenance
Stress and Insomnia

Herbal Remedies
Sexual Dysfunction

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