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Functional Fertility Programs



Functional and Holistic Fertility Care
Pregnancy Preparation

Planning a pregnancy and have concerns about a healthy pregnancy?

Trying a while and haven't gotten pregnant?

Starting fertility treatments with a reproductive endocrinologist?

The road to motherhood can be rocky for some. We are dedicated to helping those who want the family of their dreams.

Listen to Milan Chavarkar talk about her own fertility journey and struggles with PCOS.
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Our goal is to help in the creation of  healthy families!


For those prospective parents who are:

  • Planning a pregnancy and would like to be in optimal health 

  • Having trouble conceiving and need help identifying the cause

  • Struggling with medical issues that reduce fertility

  • Working with a reproductive endocrinologist and are about to start fertility treatments.

  • Interested in trying a functional approach after trying artificial reproductive technologies.

  • Maintaining general health during pregnancy or postpartum time.

Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN, FNP-BC, IFMCP has a doctorate of nursing practice and as a functional fertility nurse specialist, will dig for the root cause of fertility issues and use natural therapies to help women successfully conceive, increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy, and improve the outcomes of pregnancy.


The Lotus Fertility Program
Let's Work Together

Testimonial from client Kimether Redmon
The Four Steps to Fertility.jpg

Our functional fertility program has 4 steps which usually take 3-6 months for the average client to prepare for a healthy pregnancy by stabilizing hormones, decreasing inflammation, improving egg and sperm quality, and preparing to receive pregnancy. All programs apply to one or both partners, as they are equally important in the process. Healthy bodies mean healthy egg and sperm to make healthy babies! 

Program Details

Introduction to Functional Fertility Course  

Starter video course on functional fertility- Introduction to Functional Fertility, Understanding Hormones and Periods, Understanding Lab Tests, Functional Tests, BBT charting, Fertility Food Plan, and more!

Great way to understand what Functional Fertility has to offer.

Functional Fertility Program

This is an exclusive one-on-one nurse coaching program with Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN, a functional and integrative medicine nurse and nurse-practitioner specializing in fertility.  All care is available online through Zoom if desired. 

Most clients are enrolled 3-6 months.


  • Individual monthly visits with Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN 

  • Tailored coaching for individuals/couples

  • Check-ins with fertility coach monthly

  • One visit with a dietician

  • Loving support and messaging

  • Starter video course on functional fertility- Introduction to Functional Fertility, Understanding Hormones and Periods, Understanding Lab Tests, Functional Tests, BBT charting,  Food Plan, Detox, and more

  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting and App Guidance

  • Fertility Food Plan

  • Diva's Guide to Everyday Toxins

  • Over-the-counter herbal supplement education

  • 10% off herbal supplements through Fullscript

  • Discounts on temperature tracker, home lab kits for baseline fertility for men and women, and more

  • Use your FSA/HSA!


Please schedule a discovery call if interested.

Please note: There are additional fees for functional labs and supplements as needed depending on your health issues.

Gynovisceral Manipulation (GVM), Abdominal Reiki Massage & Low-Level Cold Laser (6 sessions)

This program includes 6 sessions of  90-minutes each, which helps improve circulation and rejuvenates the uterus and ovaries.  This therapy has shown to improve the results of those doing fertility work.  This hands-on external treatment is especially helpful to those who are planning IVF.

Sessions are done in person at our Campbell office over 1 week if visiting from out-of-town, or weekly if local.

Please schedule a discovery call if interested.

IVF Prep Program (6 or 12 weeks)

This is a fast track program to get optimal results of functional medicine, GVM, abdominal reiki massage, and low level cold laser to increase vitality of the body, uterus, eggs, and sperm prior to starting IVF or IUI treatment.

Milan Chavarkar DNP, FNP, RN has a doctorate of nursing practice, is a licensed registered nurse and nurse practitioner in the State of California, a licensed registered nurse in Arizona and Washington state, and soon Oregon.  She is actively seeking nursing licensure in other states. She is available for educational coaching and consultation in other states. In person visits are available with Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN at our Campbell office in Silicon Valley.


We work with all couples to create a healthy family!

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