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Click on the images below to visit our recommended store websites  

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Buy wellness products related to PEMF and protection against electrosmog.


Click on the Amazon image to get our suggested Amazon products list! 


All in one fertility monitor. Receive 10% by clicking the image that links to the website.


Period and ovulation tracker. 

Herbs and Supplements
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Our main supplements store for clients, Fullscript offers a 10% discount to all clients in our programs. See direct links below:

Link to Fertile Foundations supplements, exclusively for our clients.

Herb Lore has been a favorite of ours for years! 

Try EBH for herbal concoctions!

At Home Testing

Use referral code LOTUS when you check out, or order from this page to get $20 off and connect your results to your doctor.


Great kit for home testing basic female hormones. 

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