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Holistic Fertility Care


Dr. Milan NP is a holistic fertility specialist and certified through the Fertile Foundations Program.  The Fertile Foundations protocols have been used successfully to help 80% of women under 38 to conceive, increase the chances of healthy pregnancy for all women, and improve the outcomes of pregnancy.

Our goal is to help in the creation of  healthy families!

For those prospective parents who are:

  • Planning a pregnancy and would like to be in optimal health 

  • Having trouble conceiving and need help identifying the cause

  • Struggling with medical issues that reduce fertility

  • Working with a reproductive endocrinologist and are about to start fertility treatments.

  • Interested in trying a holistic approach after trying artificial reproductive technologies.

  • Maintaining general health during pregnancy or postpartum time.

The Fertile Foundations Program has 4 phases which usually take about 5 months for the average client to prepare for a healthy pregnancy by stabilizing hormones, decreasing inflammation, improving egg quality, and preparing to receive pregnancy. All programs apply to one or both partners, as they are equally important in the process. We work with men to improve their health and sperm quality.  

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Let's Work Together

Program Details

All of our programs are conducted through telehealth or Zoom meetings.

In person visits are available with Dr. Milan NP at our Campbell office.

Dr. Milan is a licensed nurse practitioner in the State of California. She is actively seeking licensure in other states. She is available for educational consultation and guidance.

Our flagship-the Maiden to Mother VIP Program is a 5- month program for couples or single parents who are ready to make the commitment to improving their health and fertility and incorporate all phases of the program- Discover, Detox, Rebalance, and Receive. Five months is the minimum time for most clients to be ready to conceive, more complicated clients may require more time and will join a monthly program afterwards.

Heavily discounted in comparison to our other programs.

This holistic program includes:

  • Jumpstart Program (details below)

  • DIY Instructional Videos during the different phases of the program (30+ hours of content)

  • Fertility Reboot Diet and Detox Program

  • Monthly visits with Dr. Milan (1 hour)

  • Monthly visits with a nutritionist (1/2 hour)

  • Monthly group coaching (1- 1.5 hours)

  • Monthly energy healing (1/2 hour)

  • Monthly spiritual life coaching (1 hour)

  • Twice weekly exercise training sessions (Two 1/2 hour sessions)

  • BBT charting interpretation

  • Lab interpretation 

  • Supplement- vitamin and herbal guidance

  • Loving support and messaging with Dr. Milan NP

  • Gift box with herbal goodies with temperature tracker

  • 10% off supplements through Fullscript

For those wanting an introductory program, the Jumpstart Program is a 4-6 week program for couples or single parents  to explore their fertility  by discovering their medical concerns and undergo a reboot diet program.  This program only covers the first phase of the total program, Discover. Those who would like to complete the remaining phases will have an option to continue care.

  • DIY Instructional Videos of all phases of the program (30+ hours of content)

  • An initial consult of 90 minutes with Dr. Milan NP

  • An initial consult of 60 minutes with nutritionist

  • Fertility Reboot Diet and guidance

  • Two check-ins from coach

  • Baseline lab orders to understand fertility and health

  • BBT charting guidance and temperature tracker

  • Conclusive 60 minute visit with Dr. Milan to review labs, initial BBT interpretation, and initial supplement prescription with an understanding of fertility issues 

  • Loving support and messaging with Dr. Milan NP

  • 10% off supplements through Fullscript

  • Option to continue care


Single Consults for educational purposes or referrals are available.


We work with all couples to create a healthy family!