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Functional and Holistic Fertility Care
Pregnancy Preparation

Planning a pregnancy and have concerns about a healthy pregnancy?

Trying a while and haven't gotten pregnant?

Starting fertility treatments with a reproductive endocrinologist?

The road to motherhood can be rocky for some. We are dedicated to helping those who want the family of their dreams.
Milan Chavarkar DNP is a women's health expert helping women successfully navigate getting pregnant and beyond. 
We care for mother-to-be and partner!

Listen to Milan Chavarkar talk about her own fertility journey and struggles with PCOS.
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Women's Integrative, Functional, Hormonal, and Sexual Health

Feel tired? Feel off? Can't sleep?

Have no energy?

Suffer from pain or chronic disease?

Have digestive issues?

Know you need hormonal balancing?

Have low libido?

Want to feel sexy again?

Can't stand menopause?

Don't feel like the goddess you once were?

A functional and integrative health approach to  health can rebalance hormones which helps reduce symptoms, lower stress, improve sleep, decrease risks of chronic disease, improve metabolism, address sexual issues, and vitality.

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Dr. Milan Chavarkar has a doctorate of nursing practice, is a family integrative and functional health nurse practitioner, and can provide care for many conditions to anyone residing in or traveling to California. She is happy to see family members of maidens, mothers, and goddesses age 12 and up.


Dr. Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN provides educational programs in all states and

provides nursing care and coaching in some states.

COVID Policies

Our staff is fully immunized.

We will wear a  mask to all in-person visits and follow COVID precautions.

We will make every effort to have minimal number of clients in the office and waiting areas.



As a specialty coaching and nursing practice, we do not offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage for care.

Please go to the urgent care or emergency room if you can not reach a provider.

Please make an appointment for your complimentary call directly online through this website, or call or email if that seems easier.  We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

This complimentary call is a way for you to discover our services

and make sure it is a good fit for your healing journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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